terça-feira, 10 de maio de 2011

Repor a verdade

Parece que o PS está indignado com a proposta do PSD de baixar a TSU, financiando esta diminuição com uma reestruturação do IVA. Será que o PS já se esqueceu dos documentos que negociou com a troika? Será talvez útil recordar que no documento apresentado pelo próprio ministério das Finanças, “PORTUGAL—MEMORANDUM OF ECONOMIC AND FINANCIAL POLICIES”, na página 12 se pode ler:

Fiscal devaluation

39. A critical goal of our program is to boost competitiveness. This will involve a major reduction in employer’s social security contributions. This measure will be fully calibrated by the time of the first review. The offsetting measures needed to ensure fiscal neutrality may include changing the structure and rates of VAT, additional permanent expenditure cuts, and raising other taxes that would not have an adverse effect on competitiveness. In calibrating this measure, we will take measures to: (i) mitigate the social impact of higher consumption taxes; (ii) ensure that changes to social security contributions are compensated by allocating equivalent revenues in order not to jeopardize the sustainability of the pension system; and (iii) ensure that tax changes are passed through to lower prices. While the proposal might be implemented in two steps, the bold first step will be implemented in the context of the 2012 budget (structural benchmark, October 2011).

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